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Post by chandypr on Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:49 pm

S-E Island : Seiryu’s dominion
N-E Island : Genbu’s dominion
N-W Island: Byakkos’ dominion
S-W Island: Suzaku’s dominion

Trigger mobs :
OLLA-Pequena-Media-Grande / Water farming

Enter The shrine of Ru Avitu from Ru aun gardens I-9, main island, front right.

Once in, go first on the right and get the teleport: sneak needed.

You will pop at H-8, go South east and take the teleport > J-7, same floor.

Get the teleport in front of you.

Now go west, pass through the doors ( the last one is blue ) and get the teleport at F-11.

You will pop at Olla’s room, go north-east. The ??? is in I-6.

Enter The Shrine of Ru Avitu from Ru Aun Gardens I-6. (Genbu’s island entrance)

Once in, get the first on the right. You’ll enter a room with glass floor, go left, then left again, until you climb the stairs, then go ahead until you get on the teleport.

You’ll pop at F-8, get the teleport in front of you.

You’ll be teleported to the next floor. Go east and pass through the doors ( the last one in blue ) and get teleport at J-5.

You’ll be on Faust’s floor… BEWARE, USE POWDERS. Faust has a wide ranged aggro-area. You can find him at F/G-11.

For Mother Globe follow Olla’s instructions. When you get at Olla’s floor go to F-8 teleport ( Blue Door ).

You’ll be teleported at Mother Globe’s floor. Follow Sh’s instructions now.

For Ullikummi follow Faust’s instructions. When you get at Fasut’s fllor go to J-9 teleport ( Yellow Door ).

You’ll be teleported at Ullikummi’s floor. Follow Sh’s instructions now.

Steam Cleaner is a bad ass Magic Pot. It is summoned by detectors at Ve Lugannon’s Palace.

To reach it, enter the palace from Ru Aun Gardens F-6 ( 2/1 Left ).

A thief will go get a detector. Stay at the end of the stairs and wait for it.

ZIPACNA ( Zippy )
It’s a Statue-type mob. To reach it, go to G-5 or I-5 ( 2/2 left or 2/2 right).

It’s a pop NM, so you don’t need to lottery spawn it. A thief will pull it. Wait at the bottom of the stairs.

Weapon-type mob. To get to BB, enter Ve Lugannon’s palace from I-8 ( first entrance on the right after you pass the aggro-doll hallway ).

Once inside follow the path until you reach the room in H-12. You’ll see a ??? there. Trade a Curtana in order to pop the NM.

Lottery pop from the dolls at main island. Only the ones that aggro you in the blue holes, doesn’t pop from the other dolls.

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