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Sky/Sea Information

Post by chandypr on Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:39 pm

Hello Power Rangers. Attendance for Sea and Sky has been dismal. Event is only getting around 3-4 supporters every Friday. Not enough to have an effective run (or plan for Kirin or big Jailers.) LS have decided to suspend both events as regular events for the foreseeable future. If this changes? We will add them again to our regular roster. For now? Every Friday we are having a “Fun Day”. Any event is welcome Smile

This does not mean that Sky or Sea are over. We can still do them if enough ppls are willing to go on event day. It just means that both events are not regular events anymore. Friday’s Fun Day could be anything from Abyssea to Limbus (and anything in between.) Actual event will be voted on every Friday.

All information regarding Sky and Sea will be archive in our archive section in the next couple of weeks. Thank you guys for keeping both events alive for so long. We started as a Sky Endgame linkshell. It will always be a part of us Smile

If you need items from Sky, or Sea? Let us know. LS will try its best to organize a run (whenever is possible.)

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