Possible Floor Objectives

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Possible Floor Objectives

Post by Forsell on Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:39 am

Except for boss floors (20, 40, 60, 80, and 100), each floor will randomly assign players to an objective from the list below. The floor objective is announced once upon entering the floor, and can be checked by touching the unactivated Rune of Transfer. Once this objective is completed, the Rune of Transfer will activate and allow players to move on or exit the Assault.

Eliminate all enemies. Must defeat every enemy on the floor, including notorious monsters, but not including Archaic Gear or Archaic Gears. There can be anywhere from five to 15 or more monsters, including 0-3 notorious monsters.

Eliminate specified enemy. A single normal monster that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated. There will typically be several of that monster which check normally; only the one that checks as Impossible to Gauge needs to be defeated. Note that Notorious Monsters may still appear and check as Impossible to Gauge; the specified monster will be a normal (not notorious) monster.

Eliminate specified enemies. 2-5 monsters in a certain family that all check as Impossible to Gauge need to be defeated. Note that Psycheflayers can appear normally and are not always the family which needs to be killed (they will not check as Impossible to Gauge if this is the case). The possible families of monsters are:

  • Racing Chariot
  • Ebony Pudding
  • Heraldic Imp
  • Poroggo Gent
  • Psycheflayer
  • Qiqirn Treasure Hunter and Qiqirn Archaeologist

Eliminate enemy leader. (NM Floors) One special Notorious Monster unique to the assault and from the following list will be present and must be defeated.

  • Chariots: Scutum Chariot, Bellum Chariot, Pistolium Chariot, Cornum Chariot.
  • Flans: Groaty Custard, Caramel Custard, Cardamom Custard
  • Imps: Nukku, Nokko, Nekke
  • Poroggos: Uroro Samaroro, Iroro Samaroro, Aroro Samaroro
  • Soulflayers: Abject Awiija, Abject Farzahd, Abject Kharoub
  • Qiqirns: Nerve Render Yiyiroon, Eye Piercer Fafaroon, Mad Miner Boboroon

Eliminate enemy leader. (Boss Floors) On floors 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 the floor layout will not be random (it will be one large open room) and the enemy leader will be a HNM.

Floors 20, 40, and 60 will contain Stealthlord Haraal Ja, Dabargar the Stoic, or Stheno.
Floor 80 contains Lord Vryko.
Floor 100 contains Dvali Jonah.

Activate all lamps. This objective is further split into three possibilities which can only be confirmed once a Runic Lamp is found.

All party members must touch a single lamp to register their "certification code."
All lamps (3-5 total) must be activated at the same time (within a brief window).
All lamps (3-5 total) must be activated in a specific order in a short time.

For lamp order, after all lamps are activated, every lamp will light. Several seconds later, lamps which were lit in the correct position in the sequence will remain lit, while lamps lit in incorrect positions will turn off. The order must be modified and retried until the correct sequence is found.

Free floor. Significantly rarer than the other possibilities, allows advancement immediately without completing any objective.

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