Sky Linkshell Rules

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Sky Linkshell Rules

Post by chandypr on Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:54 pm

Run Times.

Sky will be once a week on:

Friday – 7pm GMT

- The length of the runs varies (capped at 3-4 hour to prevent boredom!), as does whether the run is farming or God orientated.

- The linkshell will also host NM events, such as Swift-Belt runs, Optical Hat runs, etc, depending on demand. These events will be held on Thursdays, and the exact time of the event will change depending on who needs the item, and which event it is.

- If you can’t make it to a run, if you know in advance, please post on the forum or inform a sackholder. (Informing me [Feonix] would be best as I will be keeping attendance/being the linkshells *beep*.)

- I will take attendance shortly after 7pm GMT.


The distribution of items dropped from God’s in Sky will be using a point-based lotting system.

Every member will gain points by the following:
Every hour spent in sky during the runs: 1 point.
Remaining at a sky run from start until finish: +1 point. (For example, if you stay at a sky run that lasts 4 hours, you will gain 5 points in total).
Defeating a lesser God (Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryu): 2 points.
Defeating Kirin: 3 points.

You can gain points out of sky during NM’s and linkshell events such as O.Hat/Swift Belt runs, etc.

Note: The points you gain at such events (e.g. Swift Belt) will be yours to decide whether they contribute to your Sky OR Limbus points, assuming you're in both. If you're in skyonry or limbusonry, then obviously, your points will be added to the respective roster.

You can also gain points outside of Sky by gaining pop items, stones, or gems, and you will be awarded the following:

Curtana / Ro'Maeve Water / Diorite: 2 point.
Winterstone / Springstone / Summerstone / Autumnstone: 3 points.
Gem of the North / Gem of the West / Gem of the East / Gem of the South: 4 points.

- Points will be recorded and added to a table on the forum, which will be updated after each sky run (hopefully), and available for you to check at any time. If you believe that you haven’t received points for some reason, then please inform me and it will be addressed.


- Before the start of a God fight, I will announce bidding in the linkshell, and will call out the items that are available for bidding.

- When bidding, it is the mainlots that can bid first, and only if there are no mainlots bidding on the item, then sublots will be able to bid. In turn, if no sublots wish to lot the item, then it is down to freelot and anyone present at the God will be able to bid on the item.

- During your application to the linkshell, you will be asked to pick a mainlot and a sublot. Your mainlot must be a job over 70, and your sublot must be a job over 65.

- Your mainlot and sublot can be changed at any time, however, the change will ONLY take place the following month. For example, if your mainlot is White Mage, and you request to change your mainlot to Black Mage on the 4th of February, you will only be able to mainlot BLM gear on the 1st of March. This prevents people regularly switching their main/sub lots to obtain more gear.

- The highest bidder (offering the highest amount of points) will win lotting rights to the item if it drops. If the God is then repeated on the same run, bidding will not occur again, but the 2nd highest bidder will gain lotting-rights (assuming the 1st God dropped the item initially).

- The linkshell doesn’t want any item-whores, therefore you can only obtain 1 item from a God at a time. Furthermore, the limit on how many items you can get in one run is: half the number of Gods we fight. If we fight 4 Gods in one run, you can gain 2 items. We are not trying to be a kill-joy, this just prevents people hogging stuff, and if it is believed that you’re knowingly/unknowingly item-hogging, you will be informed by a sackholder, and asked to calm it down with the bidding.
UPDATE: Even if we do 3 Kirin's, you can only lot 1 item!!

- Once you have successfully gained an item, the amount of points you paid for it will be removed from your total points table on the forum.

- Some of the rarer items from Sky Gods will have a starting bidding amount, meaning you can only bid on the item if you have enough points. The items are as follows:

Crimson Cuisses – 30 points.
Byakko’s Haidate – 30 points.
Kirin’s Osode – 50 points.


- Linkshell crafters are able to buy any cash drops used for synth recipes at a 20% discount. Woot!

- White Mages (Yay! ^^) can buy Shining Cloth’s from the linkshell at a 40% discount too.

- Anything you gain from Sky must not be sold. That would be very much frowned upon! D:

- If you’re not a mage, please try and bring Sneak Oils to Sky (and maybe Prism Powders, however it’s rare that Invisible is needed in Sky). Many things aggro to magic, so asking a mage to Sneak you is often a bit of a liability. ._.;

- Drama. Yes, good old drama. We don’t want any, kthx, especially during a God fight. Most people have better things to do than argue (i.e. spam Haste macros D:), but if you wish to do so, keeping to private tells would be best.

*** Addendum Section***

• Second characters (Dual Box) can share on run points. A ppl can either assign points to one character, or divide equally among both characters. The ppl needs to inform a SH, or LS leader about point distribution. Both characters get full attendance. Only one character can lot per run. Regular rules still apply.

• In case a SE emergency maintenance is in conflict with a schedule run? Run is delay 1 hour. In case the maintenance goes beyond one hour? Run is cancel. Everyone in active player table will get 4 points for sky. Please check website for updates (or Chat box for real time information.)

• Version updates are usually massive and in some cases can take hours to download. Because it is hard to predict who can download within 1 hour? Or who will be hit with a 4 hour marathon? Events schedule during a version update are suspended. Players in active list will get 4 points.

• LS have decided to end minimum lot requirements on all drops (including Kirin.) No more main, or sub jobs requirements for lots. A player will also be allow to lot multiple times if LS is ok with it, and approve by SHs. Because Sky is no longer consider a "hot commodity" in game because of Abbysea... LS has decided to simplify the rules in order to streamline event. ~ Update 01/2011


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