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Limbus Rules

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:59 pm

Lotting on Homam/Nashira Gear

- There is a queue system for Omega and Ultima items.

- The queue dictates your priority on Omega and Ultima items. If you are first in the queue you are first priority.

- This queue is for Omega and Ultima items only.

- When you obtain an Omega/Ultima item you will be moved to the back of the queue, essentially meaning all other members go up .

- You may only obtain one Omega/Ultima item per run.

- You may also choose to pass on an item. If you do this you will keep your place in the queue and priority moves onto the next person.

Lotting on AF+1 Items

- These items are not dictated by the queue system. Every member must state a main lot and sub lot that they wish to obtain AF+1 items for.

- When an item drops main lots will be able to cast lots first. Then sub lots, and the free lot.

- Obtaining AF+1 will not affect your queue position.

Lotting on Ancient Beastcoins

- All Ancient Beastcoins will be collected by a present sackholder. At the end of the run the Ancient Beastcoins will be equally distributed between all present members.

- Any spare Ancient Beastcoins will go into the "Beastcoin Bank", maintained by Razius.

- At the last run of each month the Beastcoin Bank will be distributed between all members who have obtained over 50% attendance.


- Attendance is very important and will affect whether you can obtain Ancient Beastcoins and your queue position!

- You will obtain half attendance if you report your absence due to real life obligations in advance to the run.

- If you miss 3 consecutive runs you will be moved back one queue position. If you continue to miss runs you will be moved by another position. This will continue until you return.

- Reporting an absence will not exempt you from losing your queue position.

- For example, there are 7 runs in February you will gain 14% attendance per run you attend, and 7% attendance for runs you are exempt from. Otherwise you obtain 0% attendance. Remember you need over 50% attendance to be eligible for Ancient Beastcoins.

- Missing a run when you are clearly online will cause you to immediately move down 1 place in the queue, regardless of how many runs you've attended previously. The only exception to this is if you are involved in the events of an endgame linkshell that may forbid your attendance in certain situations, such as HNM camping. However, you must inform a SH for the reason for being online but not attending to keep your place.

- Similar to the rule above, members who initially attend a run but then choose to leave, for whatever reason, and do something else in-game will also be moved down 1 place in the queue. The only exception to this is if you need to log out for whatever reason.

Event etiquette

- While attending a run, it is expected of a member to follow it to its end. Should someone need to AFK, this should be mentioned quite clearly in chat, and if not in a battle instance, pass any items that is in the treasure pool, or lot if applicable.

- Also, the run does not end until all members have waited for items to drop, and have left the appropriate "waiting area". During this time parties should not be disbanded, for any reason. At the VERY least, the party and alliance leaders should remain, and be the last to disband. This is so that all items in treasure pool drop to whom they are meant to.

- Please arrive on time and give any reasons of absence ahead of the run. Notification of Absence will not be accepted during gather time. These times are as follows.

Sunday runs:
Gather together at 7:30pm GMT (UK).
Departure at 8:00pm GMT (UK).

Wednesday runs:
Gather together at 8:00pm GMT (UK).
Departure at 8:30pm GMT (UK).

- Please pass or lot items as soon as you are told to do so.

- Party formation is always highly considered per run, based on what is available as regards people and the jobs they offer, and what is deemed best for the forthcoming event. It is expected a member changes job if required with the minimum of fuss. If gearing is difficult, or will be highly time consuming (over 10 minutes, including muling), please state this, so it can be worked around.

- There is a gather time for a reason, it is not just so we can chat for 30 minutes. If you intend on joining the nights run please arrive on time. Parties will be started to form 10 minutes after the gather time, allowing people to re-gear and mule as required. The alliance should be ready to leave Jeuno at the specified leaving time, if not earlier.

- In the event of a person loses connection, if that player was already in zone/alliance we will be more willing to wait than for someone not gathered in zone/alliance.

- Anyone who do not follow these etiquette guidelines will be subject to penalization. This shall be the offender being dropped two positions on their chosen item list. Should it be a situation that involves armour items lost from the treasure pool, the person who was the item winner shall replace the offenders original queue position, if placed under the offending player. Should any coins or chips be lost a similar action will be imposed.

- This is for a first offense. Should these rules be repeatedly broken it will lead to expulsion from the linkshell.

Changing Lots

- You may change your AF+1 lot once per month. This change will only come into effect at the next run you attend.

- You may change your Ultima/Omega gear lot once per month. Doing so will cause you to lose your queue position. You will be set at the back of your new queue.


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