Member Gear lists (rough in progress)

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Member Gear lists (rough in progress)

Post by Razius on Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:00 pm

Post here and i will add what u have from the Homam and Nashira sets to a "master list". Will give some people a idea of "who is in line" for a certain piece.


Head Razius, Reverendmnd, Carlito, Zarathrustra, Purloin. Rayana, Taelic, Dmann, Aminah, Jurojin, Zerro

Body Rayana, Zarathrustra, Reverendmnd

Hands Zarathrustra, Rayana, Taelic, Hubie, Dmann, Razius, Ravenhawk

Legs Razius, Carlito, Zarathrustra, Ravenhawk, Reverendmnd, Rayana, Taelic, Dmann, Aminah, Purloin, Hubie, Terrythehut. Zonerx

Feet Razius, Reverendmnd, Aminah, Dmann, Rayana, Zarathrustra, Taelic


Head Chandy, Seraphina, Thom, Prismatic, Snuggle, Xeified

Body Chandy, Xeified, Rayana

Hands Chandy, Thom, Rayana, Aminah, Xeified, Seraphina

Legs Chandy, Rayana,

Feet Chandy, Thom, Rayana, Seraphina, Xeified, Snuggle, Razius, Ravenhawk

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